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  Sharing Best Practices of Transformations in Learning Outcomes at Engineering Institutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is SPEED?
A: The Student Platform for Engineering Education (SPEED) is a global, non-profit student organization that functions as an interdisciplinary network of engineering students, who aspire to provide opinion and create an impact on future development of engineering education and its effect on society and environment.  We look to inspire the actions and development of globally minded, engineering student leaders intent on helping engineering education evolve.  As a member society of the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES), we strive to provide important student ideas and perspectives to the international engineering education community.

Q: What is the Indian Student Forum?
A: The ISF (Indian Student Forum) is a national conference organized by SPEED which draws academics, representatives from government, industry and non-profit organizations, and increasingly students from around the world to discuss issues pertinent to engineering education. Through this 3-day event, students will be a part of a national experience, submerged in the atmosphere of cross-cultural communication and creative thinking. Participants will take part in workshops aimed at providing them with tools to find innovative solutions with a global perspective and apply them in their local communities to improve upon engineering education. They will get a chance to learn about existing student projects, get involved and/or start their own regional and global initiatives with the aim of maximizing the student voice within the engineering education community.

Q: What is the theme of the ISF Hubli 2014?
A/R: Theme: “Creativity and innovation in engineering education for developing India”
The 1st Indian Student Forum will address innovation and creativity and investigate positively impacting engineering students. The ISF program is developed to address such questions as:

  • Are engineers being educated to be creative?
  • How important is creativity as a skill for future engineers?
  • Are R&D and Innovation correlated with the success of a country?
  • How can you unleash your creativity in engineering?
  • What is creative engineering in the modern world?
  • Which pedagogical tools are most useful to develop creativity in engineers? 

Q: Who should attend this event?
A: Any engineering student leader who is interested in impacting engineering education on a global or local level is invited.  Students from the undergraduate through the post-doc level are welcome.  Student status/university enrollment must be proven to gain admittance. 

Q: How can I get support to assist this event
A: In case you cannot pay the registration fee, we will help you try to obtain funds from your university and local businesses. You can also write a letter explaining why you cannot get funds to go to the ISF, and email to

Q: What do I have to do to attend this forum?
A: The registration form can be found in

Engineering Students Registrations:

1) Register for the Indian Student Forum at:
The Indian Student Forum is an event that seeks engineering student leaders intent on improving engineering education.  Since the ISF is not open to the public students who register and do not fit the desired profile not will be accepted.  The review process for the application may take up to a few days. Accepted students will be notified from the SPEED team via email as promptly as possible.
2) Upon approval an invoice from SPEED will be sent to the individual who has applied.
3) Once the registration fee (Rs. 3000) is paid, the individual is registered and further information about the Indian Student Forum will be sent.

For University Representative registrations:
1) After agreement between SPEED and the university an invoice will be sent to the university reflecting the cost of the agreed upon students.
2) The university can then pay for the registration through the secure gateway connection. 
3) After the payment has been sent, SPEED will inform the university and the university shall instruct the agreed upon students to register for the ISF at:
Registration fee: Rs. 3000.00
Including: ISF Registration, All ISF material and activities, workshops, industrial visits, community services, local Transportation, local Accommodation and food.

Q. How will I know if I am accepted into the event?
A: After we analyze your application, we will contact you by email to inform if you have been accepted or not.

Q. I am interested more in SPEED, how do I become a member?
A: Follow the process on our website, or send an email to

Q. What is the most exciting thing about the ISF?
A: Imagine a single experience where you will find a new culture, different languages, and a new opportunity to discover yourself. Furthermore, you will have a chance to work on action plans addressed to global, and local problems. You will assist amazing lectures given by amazing speakers. You will have a chance to create new friendships, improve your engineering skills like work in a group, leadership, etc etc. Finally, we are working to create the most amazing experience of your life, and engineering! The best thing is that you will have fun at the same time. That's Indian Student Forum, the best experience in engineering of your life.

 Q. How many days will be covered by registration fee?
A: ISF registration fee is Rs 3000 that includes: hotel from the night of 13th to 16th January and transportation from the hotel to the event venue. (food will be provided during the event)

Q. What days should I book my travel?
A: We suggest plan your travel to arrive on 13th January and back before the night of the 16th January.



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