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  Sharing Best Practices of Transformations in Learning Outcomes at Engineering Institutions

Forum Highlights

  • Track Sessions

SPEED has conducted 5 workshops in the past 6 months at Hyderabad, Pune, Rajkot, Hubli and Delhi. Students from 47 engineering colleges attended these workshops and developed action plans to overcome the issues, challenges and problems they are facing in the current Indian engineering education system. ISF will be the platform where the action plans formed and its progress will be reviewed and further developments will be strengthened using experts guidance and feedback. During the 3 days of the forum, students will be developing a model or derive at the first pilot phase of their action plans to be implemented.

A total of 100 action plans were developed in the 5 workshops. Based on the type of the action plan, they will be divided into 3 tracks for the Forum.

Track 1:
Design (Animation/Modelling/Simulation) based learning
Students in this track will be working on different methods of learning engineering through engineering Softwares. Based on their action plan the students would develop a first level component using available tools like Matlab, Labview, Solidworks, Catia etc. 

Track 2:
Community based learning
Student participants in this track will work on a novel approach of learning engineering by addressing and applying their engineering skills to solve local community based engineering difficulties. The students will be developing models based on community based learning. The projects developed will be diversified involving interdisciplinary learning as well. 

Track 3:
Project & Entrepreneurship focused Education
Action Plans in this track will be focused towards understanding the feasibility of engineering education structure focused on projects and entrepreneurship. By understanding the structure required for this kind of learning model, the students will work towards creating and inculcating the basic approaches of project and entrepreneurship into their education. 


  • Industrial Visit

We will be visiting 2-3 industries nearby Hubli, which will be categorized based on participant’s area of study. The participants will be exposed to some departments of the industry to gain some practical exposure.

  • Community Service

Community service and outreach activities are an integral part of the National Indian students forum experience.  As SPEED works to attain its organizational goals action is always a cornerstone.  Students cannot sit and wait for the change they feel is necessary within engineering education to happen; they must make it happen.  In order to strengthen our ISF discussions we have included community service as part of the ISF formula.

The participants will be solving a regional problem that will be identified prior to the start of the forum.

  • Cultural Evening

 ISF will bring together participants from different parts of the country. This event will give the participants a platform to showcase their culture to other participants that will help them gain cultural awareness



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