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Special symposium on Remote Labs in collaboration with International Association for Online Engineering (IAOE) at ICTIEE 2018 on Jan 5/6 at Bennett University, Gr. Noida and on Jan 8/9 at Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
Sign up for Remote Labs Competition/Workshop: Deadline Dec 15, 2018
(for individuals or teams of faculty and students)
Engineering students who are entering the world of emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Smart Grids, Industry 4.0), need to have the ability to develop and use Remote and Virtual Labs.
This symposium will include a panel discussion, a competition and a workshop
  • Experts will participate in Panel Discussions for sharing the latest developments in this field.
  • Teams of faculty and students will participate in a Remote Lab Challenge: Teams are encouraged to participate even of their Remote Lab is a work in progress. Those who demonstrate successful remote labs will be awarded prizes.
  • Participants will participate in a workshop on how to build Remote Labs.
Mr. Kalyan Ram and his team will conduct the workshop. He is the CEO of Electronosolutions and also a member of the Executive Committee for International Association for Online Engineering (IAOE).
The challenge topic for the remote labs is selected are basic and relevant to the curriculum of second year engineering students. The goal will be to enable students to conduct these experiments on their own remotely, thereby ensuring that the concepts are mastered.
Challenge definition: Build a remotely accessible lab setup for a) Half Wave Rectifier b)Full Wave Rectifier c) Bridge Rectifier; Should be able to have the setup in one room and access the experiment from an adjacent room.