The IUCEE will be recognizing individuals and institutions for their exceptional contribution in furthering IUCEE’s mission of transforming Engineering Education in India. Awards in eight different categories have been set-up.  For categories involving individual contribution, the award will include a cash prize, one-year free membership to JEET, and free registration at ICTIEE 2022 conference.

General Guidelines:

  • Applications in each category will be evaluated using specific criteria for that award.
  • All claims must be supported by outcomes, credible data and/or evidence
  • Only participants from members of IUCEE Consortium Institutions (fees paid) are eligible.
  • Awards will be given only if the nominees meet the specified criteria or some exceptional achievement in a given category. 
  • Members, who have been previously awarded the IUCEE transformation award, can be re-nominated in the same category only after three years.
  • Winners are expected to attend the conference to receive the award. 
  • Nominees in each category will be recognized during the Award Ceremony

Nomination Process:

  • A special Nomination Form must be submitted for the purpose (available ). 
  • Self, the institution, a colleague or a student can submit nominations. 
  • Individuals nominating are advised to read the specific criteria for the concerned award in following pages.
  • A Nomination Packet is required to be uploaded on google form ( mention above). Template of this nomination packet can be downloaded from following link

Completed nomination forms must be received before the last date of nomination submission.

Important Dates:

Announcement 11/10/2021
Last date for Nominations (submission of Google form) 10/11/2021

Category 1: Teaching and Learning Centers (TLC)

This Award is for the Institute. 

No. of Awards: – up to three 

Type of Award: – A Plaque, Rs.5000 per team (to spend as desired)

Criteria for Scoring: 

Criterion Marks
1.  Events organized by TLC under IUCEE banner

  1. Faculty Conclaves (Add photos, reports and website page images as evidence) 
  2. Faculty developments programs for the institute faculty 
  3. Help in implementing IUCEE programs
2.  TLC success story  (with concrete evidence)                

  1.  Innovative strategies/programs etc.
  2.  Percentage of faculty actively participating in TLC
  3.  Promotion of student development activities
3.  Community Outreach                                           

  1. Activities organized for helping/developing neighboring schools and colleges 
4.  Future plans                                                             

  1. Evidence of a proper review process for activities completed – including challenges, achievements and success 
  2. A well-developed road map for future goals 

Category 2: Excellence in Teaching Learning Process (IIEECP)

No. of Awards: – up to eight

Eligibility : IIEECP Certificate is mandatory.  

Type of Award: – cash prize of Rs.2000, one year free membership to JEET, and free registration at ICTIEE conference.

Criteria for Scoring: 

Criterion Marks
Performance in the certification program 10
Outcomes achieved by implementing new teaching/student management  strategies in classes                                     10
Contribution in enhancing the output/image of the institution 10
Participation in leading/supporting initiatives to improve classroom teaching /student management  10
Recognition from peers, parent institutions/other organizations  5
Papers published or presented at conferences in the past two years  5

Category 3: Community Outreach through Projects 

No. of Awards: – up to 5 teams

Type of Award: – cash prize of Rs. 5000 per team (faculty + students) to spend as desired, and free registration at ICTIEE conference.

Criteria for Scoring: 

Criterion Marks
The relevance and importance of the community project and its measurable impact 25
Effort to promote Design Thinking and Project-based/Problem-based Learning at the institute level 20
Recognition/awards by local community/Media 5

Category 4: Academic Leadership Award 

No. of Awards: – up to three

Type of Award: – Plaques, cash prize of Rs. 5000, one-year free membership to JEET, and free registration at ICTIEE conference.

Criteria for Scoring: 

Criterion Marks
Personal involvement in different IUCEE programs 10
New courses/programs designed/added to the curriculum 10
Encouraging and supporting faculty in teaching and research 10
Encouraging and supporting student for regional/national events  10
Organizing academic events/programs to enhance institute’s integration with industry 10

Category 5: Student Leader 

No. of Awards: – up to five

Type of Award: – cash prize of Rs. 2000, one-year free membership to JEET, and free registration at ICTIEE conference.

Criteria for Scoring:

Criterion Marks
Leading student teams in community projects or other activities 15
Taking a leadership role in IUCEE Annual Student Forums (IASF/Leadership submit/ EWB etc.) 15
Participation in design/development of academic and digital resources for the department/student organizations etc. 10
Participation in IUCEE’s courses designed for students 5
Recognition from the dept./institute/local community 5