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Visa Information

Visa Requirements
An entry Visa is essential for all foreigners visiting India. If you don’t already have a valid business or tourist visa (that will be valid even for your travel dates), you will need to apply for one. Those travelling only for the purpose of attending ICTIEE 2014 Conference will need to apply for Conference Visa information for which is given below.

For Conference Visas, which are also issued by the relevant Indian Embassy/Consulates, the applicant must produce:

• A letter of invitation to the conference/seminar/workshop in India
• Relevant copies of permissions from Indian Government Agencies for the staging of that particular conference.

Registered participants will get personalized letters of invitation as well as copies of Indian Government agency permissions from the conference organizers, which they will have to submit along with their visa application.

Registered participants should apply for Visas approximately 6 weeks in advance of the Conference - please check with your local consulate about the processing time, as well as any other requirements. The list of Indian diplomatic missions overseas is given at:
Many Indian embassies and consulates have outsourced their visa processing services to VFS Global
Visa application forms may be downloaded from either of the above links.

As per rules of the Government of India, the visa process is different for nationals of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan and foreigners of Pakistan origin. For delegates from these countries, the visa application process remains the same, but the organizers need to provide names and other information (like passport no, father’s name, etc.) to the relevant ministry in India, which will inform the consulate accordingly. Only after the consulate has obtained clearance from the ministry will they be able to issue the visa. To ensure that there is sufficient time for the organizers to complete the formalities, and in order to have sufficient time for visa application and processing, we urge delegates from these countries to register as soon as possible, preferably before October 15, but no later than October 30. They will be requested to give their passport and other details when they register.


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